25.02.2024 – ПОРТОКАЛОВ ДЕН, Бранко Слак, Претседател на Словечката зборница за развој на приватното обезбедување

Violence against women in society still represents a serious problem that has negative consequences
on mental and physical health, worsens the quality of life and reduces work performance.
Research on violence among women in the European Union showed that every third woman has
experienced physical violence, every tenth has experienced sexual violence, and every twentieth has
been raped.
That is why we must all work together, especially in the Slovenian private security industry, where
more than twenty percent of women are employed, as a priority to strive for zero tolerance towards
all forms of violence, including psychological violence.
The efforts and active operation of the Macedonian Chamber of Private Security in the campaign
"Orange palm – united against violence against women and girls" is a valuable experience for us and a
guide in our efforts to prevent physical and psychological violence against women.

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